About DDSU
Vision and System

The University was founded to cultivate monastic talent that manifest the essence and spirit of Chinese Buddhism, contributing to international religious and academic circles, creating a new era for Buddhism.

Founding Philosophy & Educational Goals
Department of Buddhist Studies

The program fosters compassion and loving-kindness in students aspiring to benefit all sentient beings by sharing DDM’s vision. It is based on the three studies of precepts, concentration, and wisdom; and built on the three kinds of wisdom—learning, thinking, and cultivating.

Educational Goals
  1. We provide students with the all-embracing and adaptable Chinese Buddhist teachings and methods of practice to develop academically and morally in both Dharma study and practice, and nurture a strong religious spirit of undertaking the task of purifying people’s minds and society.
  2. In order to connect Chinese Buddhism with contemporary society in sharing Buddhist compassion and wisdom, we help students strengthen foreign language skills, develop global perspective, and interact with diverse cultures.
Department of Chan Practice

Our mission is to cultivate Chan teachers of compassion and wisdom who aspire to promote the Chan Buddhist tradition as practiced at Dharma Drum Mountain.
We help students realize Chan teachings through Buddhist doctrines and develop their knowledge through Chan practice, with concentration and wisdom as the principle, renunciation and bodhi mind as the foundation, fostered by patience and diligence.

Educational Goals
  1. By providing Chan teachings, our ultimate goal is to develop future Chan masters of solid practice and realization, for the great mission of bettering the world and benefiting all beings.
  2. By encouraging a simple life in a placid environment conducive to Chan practice, we aim to inspire students to become Chan masters of the spirit of Dharma Drum Mountain who promote its Chan teachings.