Admissions Information

歡迎考生進入[ 招生訊息 ],招生簡章及相關訊息,歡迎下載!!

◎ Prospective students
1. Unmarried men and women who aspire to become monks and nuns.
2. Monks and nuns who agree with Chinese Buddhism and appreciate Dharma Drum Mountain’s ideals, on recommendation of their monasteries. 

◎ Admission requirements
1. Age limit: applicants should be aged 18-40 for women; and 18-42 for men who have completed compulsory military service.
2. Academic background: the applicant should possess a senior high school/vocational school diploma (or above).
3. Successful applicants should have a sound body and mind, free of harmful addictions and free of legal, financial, and family obligations.
4. Overseas Chinese and foreigners should possess sufficient Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

◎ Pre-admission orientation
*Pre-admission orientation meeting takes place in mid-March.

◎ Admission examination
*Admission examination takes place in mid-May or mid-June.

◎ Examination contents
*There are written and oral examinations involved.

◎ Examination subjects
Chinese; Introduction to Buddhism; and Introduction to Chan Buddhism

◎ Applying to Dharma Drum Sangha University
*Please apply for admissions by completing the online application or contacting us via email or postal mail. Application via fax is not accepted. 

◎ Acceptance for admission
*Acceptance for admission will be announced in early July.