School Environment and Facilities
School Environment and Facilities

Located in DDM World Center for Buddhist Education in the Jinshan District, New Taipei City, nestled in the Datun Mountain Range overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the University has a peaceful, serene environment and offers comprehensive facilities, including spacious classrooms, stately Buddha halls, and a state-of-the-art Buddhist library, providing students with abundant study resources and an optimal learning environment.

The quiet, secluded campus is set amidst mountains and rolling hills, and traversed by two gurgling brooks. Rural, but not isolated, and in close proximity to the sea, the campus offers scenic views that will please the eyes and soothe the heart.
The campus architecture is simple yet elegant, with all the requisite functions and exemplary management, emphasizing the harmonious blending of landscape and buildings where learning experience can take place right in the beautiful natural surroundings. The serene atmosphere is conducive to delving into Buddhist doctrine, practicing in daily life, and fostering religious sentiments.
The construction and facilities of the University reflect a futuristic outlook, meticulously designed to meet the requirement of a world Buddhist center. The campus features a majestic Grand Buddha Hall, contemporary meditation and lecture halls, as well as classrooms of various sizes and an activity center, providing monastic students with a diversified environment for practice and study.

Featuring a distinctive blend of traditional and modern architecture, the campus also includes student dormitories, and the state-of-theart Buddhist Library and Information Center that houses an extensive collection of professional publications and periodicals, as well as the DDM Chan Practice Center, web community, the Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA), and the International Conference Hall. These facilities combine to make Dharma Drum Sangha University a full-fledged and cutting-edge educational institution and a unique learning environment.
The University is closely connected with Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, DDM Sangha, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, and various DDM’s Chan practice, cultural and educational organizations, creating ample opportunities for students to participate in international academic conferences and exchange activities that DDM organize on a regular basis.