Motto and Principles
The Motto

Care for others with compassion.
Handle all affairs with wisdom.
Live with others in harmony and joy.
Treat each other with respect.

The motto, “Compassion, Wisdom, Harmony, and Respect,” represents not only the spirit of DDSU, but also the qualifications and essential qualities required of a monastic.
Our founder Master Sheng Yen said, “‘Harmony’ means harmony with others, and ‘Respect’ means respect for others; both are qualities required of a sangha. ‘Compassion’ and ‘Wisdom’ are the spirit of bodhisattvas, necessary for treading the bodhisattva path. With ‘Compassion, Wisdom, Harmony, Respect’ as our university motto, students should become ‘monastic bodhisattvas,’ appearing as shravakas cultivating the bodhisattva path. This is a distinguishing feature of our university.”

In 1979, Master Sheng Yen established the guiding principles for the Three Studies Institute as follows:

This Institute aims to nurture young Buddhists well practiced in the three studies of precepts, concentration and wisdom.
Students should possess the essential qualities of purity, diligence, minimal desire, refraining from dispute, tidiness, quietude, harmony, self-motivation, self-discipline, and self-rule, along with mutual respect and help, integrity, eagerness to learn, mutual encouragement and inspiration, advancing on the path and in the study, to achieve the noble aspiration in academics and practice.
Students should cherish the Institute’s items and be committed to public affairs. Except for public, study, and work purpose, students should confine their interaction with laypeople, and refrain from outings for entertainment and socializing. One should fulfill one’s duties and responsibilities, thereby cultivating both merit and wisdom, and developing the will to dedicate to the Dharma, benefiting all sentient beings.

Sheng Yen
Director of the Three Studies Institute, 1979